This site is for sport clubs and individual players of any sport. This FREE league / challenge ladder application allows a new user at your club to find and meet existing players who play at their skill level. The fundamental obstacle to growth in your sport and utilization of your club facilities is for new players to find and meet existing players. Challenge Cheetah removes this obstacle.

  • Find leagues near you for ANY sport and CHALLENGE your way to the top!
  • View other player’s profiles to see their skill level/match history
  • Match results are emailed to all players in your league
  • Send comments to selected or all members of your league or team
  • Find a coach, equipment reseller, or equipment repairer

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The most Active Players

Mark Abruzino

Win: 8

Lost: 4

Dawn Leitner

Win: 6

Lost: 2

Robert Pedolsky

Win: 1

Lost: 3

Tim Dukes

Win: 1

Lost: 3

Anil Gumpina

Win: 2

Lost: 1

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